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Property Management Division

We've developed a comprehensive management system that allows us to management system that allows us to manage and develop individual and multiple units, industrial education, health, commercial and residential compounds, the most important advantage of this division is the fact that the occupancy rate for the thousands of units we manage is 100% our administrative philosophy which leads us to always accomplish comes from the fact that every specific property has its own characteristics and needs so we design a spe cific plan according to these incomes to meet the best outcomes taking in consideration any future potentials, then we dedicate the needed administrative, supervisors and manpower to ensure the implementation and development of that plan.



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Property Management Services

  • Finding the best tenant for the property: by identifying the category of the best suitable tenant after preparing the unit for leasing, we attract that tenant by various means that start from direct contacting through our strong sales network to advertising, promotion and special brochures and bulletins.

  • Handover and Inspection: proceeding all the formal procedures to handover the property from the contractors according the standards and finalizing all the legal procedures to handover the unit to a tenant including contracts, we also guarantee the periodic and non-periodic inspection as we also handover the unit refurbished as new in case of the expiration of the contract.

  • Complaints: an entire department is dedicated to deal with and solve any problem whether it was concerning tenants or owners with a toll free hotline in all the common languages in the UAE.

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  • Financial Administration: the department issues daily the periodic and non-periodic financial reports such as income reports, expenses reports, payment reports, utility bills in addition to collecting cheques, transferring payments to owners and dealing with returned cheques and legal issues.

  • Periodic administrative logistics: at perfect we guarantee to update the owners of the properties regarding their units’ status every three months that includes financial, administrative and developmental matters so that the owners would make sure their properties are in continuous growth.

  • Property development: all the divisions of Perfect are always in an extensive cooperation status to accumulatively develop and suggest the alternatives to keep pace with the growing real estate market and make the maximum benefit of it for the owners, we offer annual increments options and development alternatives from adding to expanding and customizing facilities because our value in perfect is the continuous evolving.

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Phone: 971-7-2441708


Our integrated facility management provides the most comprehensive range

of both (hard) and (soft) specialized maintenance.


A major aspect of our project management operations is our sourcing and supplies chain capabilities, as well as our total systems of monitoring our own professional performance, we maintain strict measures to evaluate and monitor the performance of our own suppliers and approved specialist contractors. Through building strong working relationships we maintain solid buying power and secure reliable and high quality services within a cost competitive framework.

Within all our operations we provide you with a constant communications touch point 24/7 through our customer service center, this helps us to deliver an extraordinary level of service and gives us our own performance barometer.


Soft Services

Health Club And Swimming Pool
Waste Management
Pest Control
Gardening And Landscaping
Lagoon And Beach Cleaning
General Cleaning

Hard Services

HVAC Systems
MEP Maintenance
Building Maintenance Systems
Vertical Transportation
Fire Alarm And Firefighting Systems
Access Control Systems
Gate Barrier Systems
CCTV Systems

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Phone: 971-7-2441108

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